About Me

I am a Jewish adult, a working parent, an active member of my synagogue and community, and a person who had only minimal experience with the Talmud until January 2018.

Far from a scholar, I have cobbled together what I call a self-sourced Jewish education throughout my life: a few years of Jewish day school as a child, many years of religious school, occasional in-depth study of Hebrew, youth group experiences, a teen trip to Israel, and a lot of paying attention during various conversations, interactions, and Shabbat meals.

But I never studied the Talmud. Even though my undergraduate education focused on studying literary texts, Jewish text study was always a struggle for me.

In January 2018, all of that changed when I bought a volume of Masechet Avoda Zara and started learning Talmud every day. More about that here…

Fairly quickly, I started sharing my thoughts and reactions to the daf. This blog is a compilation and continuation of that study, of the moments and texts and stories that speak to my soul. Thank you for joining me on this journey.