tl;dr Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi saves the day

馃馃馃悜馃悜馃槼 During a discussion about waving* loaves of bread and lambs, and which should be on top of the other, someone comes in with a compromise solution that is both perfect and terrible. But more terrible. Thank you, Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi, for shutting down that suggestion.聽#dafyomi *I have many logistical questions about the waving, but […]

Praying for the Government

One of the first things I learned in #dafyomi was the source for praying for the government. It seems particularly relevant today. 讚讘专 讗讞专 诪讛 讚讙讬诐 砖讘讬诐 讻诇 讛讙讚讜诇 诪讞讘讬专讜 讘讜诇注 讗转 讞讘讬专讜 讗祝 讘谞讬 讗讚诐 讗诇诪诇讗 诪讜专讗讛 砖诇 诪诇讻讜转 讻诇 讛讙讚讜诇 诪讞讘讬专讜 讘讜诇注 讗转 讞讘讬专讜 讜讛讬讬谞讜 讚转谞谉 专讘讬 讞谞讬谞讗 住讙谉 讛讻讛谞讬诐 讗讜诪专 讛讜讬 诪转驻诇诇 讘砖诇讜诪讛 砖诇 […]