Sugar, Sugar Everywhere…

tl;dr siyum on Friday morning #dafyomi

I was putting away a package of sugar today and realized sugar was everywhere. There was a small puncture in the side, and sugar was flowing out. I couldn’t help it—I started wondering how it had been punctured, under what conditions, by whom, whether the contents were usable or assur b’hana’a (forbidden to benefit), etc. So clearly the Talmud has made an impact on me in the last 70ish days as I’ve worked through the tractate Avoda Zara.

If you’re local, I hope you’ll join me as I complete (the tractate) Avoda Zara early on Friday morning at ASBI. Bonus: if you’re a first-born, attending a siyum (completion ceremony) exempts you from the day’s fast for the first-born. If you like eating, this seems like a good idea.

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